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Today Shell will release their quarterly profits once again astounding us all with how much money a single company can make. It’s a great opportunity to call on them to invest a measly little portion into saving our Gulf fisheries.

Shell is trying to make tons of money by importing liquefied natural gas, and they’re planning to kill a lot of Gulf fish by using an open-loop technology. Seems they “can’t afford” the tiny fraction of an investment that it would to implement the fish-friendly closed-loop system.

This Thursday, Shell will release its profit reports from last quarter, and, as usual, it promises to be gigantic. Environmental and justice groups all over the country are using the occasion to draw attention to Shell’s ridiculous abuses. We’ve already pitched in on an ad that’s going to run in English and Dutch (Shell HQ) media markets, but the most important aspect is the homespun goodness.

Open Loop technology basically uses gulf waters to cool down reactors, and then pumps the super warm water back into the Gulf disrupting biological systems. It would cost more for Shell to intergrate closed loop technologies, but you can't put a price tag on our Gulf ecology or fisheries.

I'm asking for folks in this community to call Shell and let them know you don't aperciate them using this technology to wreck havoc on Gulf ecology

Here is a sample script to use when you call along with the number:

Dial 713-241-6161- If you’re directed to voice mail at any point, just leave a message, otherwise, ask for the offices of John Hofmeister, President. They will put you through to one of his assistants, either leave a message or ask for Mr. Hofmeister.

“My name is __________. I’m calling from (CITY). I understand that Shell collected some of its highest profits ever last quarter. I’m calling to request that Shell use one day of the corporation’s profit to switch their Gulf Landing LNG terminal to a fish-friendly, closed-loop process. Fish in the Gulf are already threatened by overexploitation, loss of wetlands and pollution, while fishermen have been hammered by the 2005 hurricane season. Please help protect Gulf fish by closing the loop on Gulf Landing. Thanks.”

For all of you that bitch about me posting the "slackervism" posts here is your chance to really make a palpatable impact from the comfort of you own home.

PS Let me know if you call in so we at GRN can keep a record.
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